Module Icon Guide

Paper & Pen – Lesson/Activity

Signal to reader to check out a lesson/activity.

Journal – Student Field Book

Used to inform reader that content in a section can help students complete a portion of the Student Field Book.

Orange Leaf - Indigenous Connection

Used to inform reader that the content in the section may possibly have Indigenous Connections. A resource is shared to encourage readers to connect with Indigenous Peoples in their area.

Warning Sign – Remember/Important

Used for important notes to catch the reader's attention.

Presentation Screen – Video

Signal to reader to check out a video that helps supplement the content.

Magnifying Glass – Explore More

Use to signal to readers to follow a link or resource (book title, newspaper article, scientific study) to get more information.

Question Head – Question

Used to probe students to think deeper about a concept or idea.

Gears Head – During Reading

Much like the question icon, used to encourage the students to expand on their thinking and learn more about a concept.