Riverside Public High School

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Sample Notes:

Riverside Public High School in Prince Albert, SK / Treaty 6 and the Homeland of the Métis, has participated multiple times in our TREE program. First, as one of the five pilot teachers for the program in 2018/2019 and again in 2019/2020, both times collecting samples near Prince Albert, SK / Treaty 6 and the Traditional Homeland of the Métis. They received data in both these participating years and you can check them out by following the below.

Note, you may notice Riverside Community School used in their data titles.

2018/2019 Participation:

GPS Coordinates: 53.173454, -105.742765

  • Tree Core: 19SK01T1

  • Soil Horizon A: 19SK01S1

  • Soil Horizon B: 19SK01S2

2020/2021 Participation:

GPS Coordinates: 53.222995, -105.713023

  • Tree Core 2: 20SK01T2

  • Soil Sample 1 (Not labeled): 20SK01S1

  • Soil Sample 2 (B): 20SK01S2