Module 5 Glossary


Cree word meaning time.


A line of equipment that accepts the light spectra from the synchrotron and changes the light to have the specific energy and brightness that the scientist wants.


A subatomic particle with a negative charge that is used as part of the process to produce synchrotron light at the Canadian Light Source and conduct research.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation; commonly referred to as light.


Small laboratories in beamlines where researchers conduct their experiments at the Canadian Light Source.


Cree word meaning tree.


Plural form of spectrum; In Module 5, the term is associated with the electromagnetic spectrum.


A machine that produces a source of powerful light that scientists can use to gather information about the structural and chemical properties of materials at the molecular level.


X-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (light spectrum) and lay on the high energy side.