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Sample Notes:

Three sample sets were collected from Montreal, QC / Unceded Territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) peoples and part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Please note, the Montreal East Tree is not a trembling aspen but a silver maple. You can use their data to compare your trembling aspen to.

GPS Coordinates: 45.5016, -73.5546

  • Site 1 Champlain Tree Core: 21QC02T1

  • Soil Sample 1 (A): 21QC02S1

  • Only one sample collected

GPS Coordinates: 45.63153, -73.4955

  • Site 2 Montreal East Tree Core: 21QC02T2

  • Soil Sample 2 (A): 21QC02S2

  • Soil Sample 2 (B): 21QC02S3

GPS Coordinates: 45.505833, -73.7075

  • Site 3 St. Laurent Tree Core: 21QC02T3

  • Soil Sample 1 (A): 21QC02S4

  • Soil Sample 1 (B): 21QC02S5