Teaching Resources

What level of engagement are you looking for with TREE?

Here is the landing page for the Teaching Resources for the TREE program. Our resources include modules, lessons, videos, and other helpful documents! As fellow educators, we understand that participation in TREE will look differently depending on your class and the timeframe you have. Take a look at the different options we provide! The TREE program is suitable for Grades 6-12 and we share examples on how it connects to Grade 8 curricula across Canada.

Lessons and activities will be continuously added so be sure to stay in the loop. Content may also change to better suit the feedback we receive from educators and students. If you have an idea for a lesson or for content, be sure to email the CLS Education Team or fill out our feedback form!

**We are currently reviewing our Indigenous content and have taken it down. We aim to create more meaningful and appropriate content so stay tuned!**

Options for TREE Resources

Student coring a tree to collect a tree sample.

Completing the Citizen Science?

Check out our Sampling Guide which contains all the content your class needs to collect samples and complete the timeline for the citizen science aspect of TREE!

Students showcasing their work from their TREE project.

Incorporting TREE as an Inquiry Project?

See our Teacher Inquiry Guide which helps show teachers how they can include TREE as a a student inquiry project in their class. Lots of ideas in there to spark planning!

Students learning from Dr. Colin Laroque at MAD Lab.

Looking to Supplemental Specific Content?

Looking to add a bit more content to your class? Or students looking to understand certain aspect of TREE further? Check out our 6 supplemental resource modules!

Additional Lessons & Resources

Aside from the modules which contain the body of TREE content, we also have various lessons and resources that can help aid in student understanding. Click the link below to the resource folder which includes:

  • Curriculum Connections - Example of Grade 8 Canadian curricula and how it connects to TREE

  • Overview Document - Outlines the TREE program, who is involved, and what the modules cover

  • Packing Sheet - Covers what you need to send back with the borrowed TREE kit

  • Preparing to Sample Checklist - Quick checklist to ensure you have everything set to sample

  • Sample Form - Required to be completed for the science research aspect of TREE

  • Sample Form Instructions - Helpful step-by-step guide on how to complete the form; see an example of a complete one

  • Student Field Book - Optional activity book for students to complete (referenced throughout the modules)