Teaching Resources

Here is the landing page for the Teaching Resources for the TREE program. Resources include modules, lessons, videos, and other helpful documents! The TREE Modules help support the citizen science aspect of TREE and provide additional content to support student learning. They cover topics from trembling aspen 101 to Indigenous perspectives to how to core a tree to how X-rays are used as part of synchrotron research. There are lessons and activities throughout the modules and can be downloaded so you can adapt to your classroom. The TREE program is suitable for Grades 6-12 and we share examples on how it connects to Grade 8 curricula across Canada.

Lessons and activities will be continuously added so be sure to stay in the loop. Content may also change to better suit the feedback we receive from educators and students. If you have an idea for a lesson or for content, be sure to email the CLS Education team or fill out our feedback form!