Curriculum Connections

The TREE program was originally developed to connect to Grade 8 curriculum across Canada but can be adapted and used with students as young as grade 6 through high school graduation. The table below outlines some of the general curricular connections Canadian teachers can make to our TREE content. Although science is at the core of the TREE’s curricular agenda, attention has also been given to areas such as Indigenous Studies, Second Languages, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Art, and Mathematics. With respect to the diversity in learning throughout Canada, the TREE program attempts to ask broad questions that can be adapted to fit curricular outcomes in each province and territory. Teachers are encouraged to apply and adapt the content of the TREE program to meet any curricular outcomes fit for their jurisdiction. Please provide the CLS Education team with feedback regarding curricular outcomes you met in your engagement with the TREE program. Such feedback will serve as testimony to the range of this program and enable us to deepen the base of future editions of TREE!

Curriculum Connections TREE